Ezekiel aka EdotZ Walker was born September 14, 1988 in Williamsport, Pa. Brought up in a Christian home, being raised in the church at a young age is where his love for music came from. By seeing his godfather and brother playing the drums, it made him determined to learn how to play them as well. So, by watching them he taught himself how to play drums. EdotZ musical influences are Michael Jackson, Kirk Franklin as well as various other artists.

EdotZ conttinued to perfect the art of playing drums by joining band class and playing in the Jazz band throughout middle and high school. At one point he was considered one of the best drummers in Lycoming County. It was in the church that he found his vocal ability to sing and stage presence. Singing in the church choir and school choir, EdotZ decided to start writing music at the age of 12. Writing Gospel and R&B music.

In 2011 EdotZ was introduced to the super producer Christopher "Crisis" Hayes. Heseen the talent in EdotZ and started working with him. A year after meeting Christopher "Crisis" Hayes he was a signed artist at Dyhard Entertainment. His last single on his most recent Mixtape is "I NEED YOU NOW". Four years later EdotZ built his own studio and called it "THE SAGA STUDIO". That is where he records his latest hits to be out soon.

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